Cargo solutions

Worldwide, rail transport is essential and will be increasingly necessary. However, the Brazilian railroad system has a lot to improve just to meet its current customer’s demands, let alone future and repressed demands. With that in mind, Cosan Logistics invests in assets to operate logistics networks integrated with railroads and ports dedicated to the transportation of bulk commodities, thus replicating the successful model of Rumo.


A very productive country has a lot to transport. Today, Brazilian cargo shipments are undermined by poor logistics, especially of grains. Cargo throughput systems often overlap large urban networks and there is a pressing need to expand the transport networks, with special focus on railroads.

This is an issue that is clearly in sight. However, we believe in Brazil’s potential and we believe in its producers; we also see great opportunities in the country.

The proposed association of Rumo and ALL (América Latina Logística) was approved by the extraordinary general meetings of both companies and it is subject to approval by Brazil's Council for Economic Defense (CADE) and other government agencies.