Moove works in the production and distribution of Mobil and Comma brand lubricants and can be found in South America, Europe and Asia. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of lubricants in the country and it also works in the distribution of base oils in Brazil and in producing and distributing automotive specialties.


Throughout its history, Moove has signed up strategic partnerships, expanded its area of activity and won relevant market participation, by focusing on the outstanding quality of its products and services.

Nowadays the company’s activities are concentrated on the areas of industrializing and distributing lubricants and base oils and in the production and distribution of automotive specialties. It is also dedicated to the research and development of renewable high performance base oils, focusing on the lubricant global market.

Moove has two factories: one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the other in Kent, England. Together they have the capacity for an annual production of more than 2 million barrels of lubricants and chemical specialties. The products and services offered by the company go through strict processes that guarantee the highest standards of safety, quality, control, efficiency and sustainability.

The Mobil brand, with significant innovations, can be found in over 80 thousand outlets throughout the country, and there is a network of 14 highly qualified and strategically placed exclusive distributors to cover the whole of Brazil.

Over the last five years, Mobil has been the premium brand that has grown the most in Brazil, increasing from 11,5% to 17,3% participation in the market in 2016.


Moove started its operations in 2008, by Cosan acquiring the ExxonMobil shares in Brazil and has always kept up continuous access to the formulations and global technical advances of the Mobil brand products. In 2011, the company expanded its activities abroad when it bought the exclusive distribution rights for Mobil lubricants in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. This was when, as well asoperating in the domestic market, it began to export part of Brazil’s production to the three neighboring countries.

As a result of partnerships with the ExxonMobil and S-Oil corporations, Moove is also authorized distributor of base oil, the main raw material for the lubricants, and works with the paraffin basics of Groups I, II and III in Brazil. Through this deal, started in 2011, the company has consolidated a single portfolio and has become the largest importer of base oils in the county, and strategically at its disposal are installations located in the two largest lubricant producing markets: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In response to the growing world demand for more efficient products, Moove set up Novvi in 2011, which is a joint venture with Amyris. In this partnership, the company invests in research and development for producing renewable base oil made out of sugarcane and in high performance technology.

In July 2012, a new step toward internationalization was taken into the European and Asian markets. Found in over 40 countries, Moove England produces and distributes Comma brand lubricant oils. Its portfolio also includes a wide range of automotive chemical specialties, such as maintenance products (greases and brake fluids), winter products (coolants, antifreeze, de-icer) and cleaning and car-care products in general.

With the aim of offering to the market an exclusive network of franchises specializing in fast automotive services, such as oil change and filters, in 2013 Moove launched Zip lube. The first of the network’s stores was inaugurated in Sorocaba, São Paulo state. The company currently has more than 40 franchises in Brazil.

With this successful and repeatable business model, in2016 Moove moved into Spain. The plan, with this new operation, is to continue solidifying the company’s activities in Europe.

Business Model

Moove manufactures high quality products with added technology for all types of vehicles. It also offers products whose formulas meet the needs of a variety of industrial segments, and this is what takes efficiency and productivity to clients in various branches of business. Today the company invests in increasing operational efficiency, in constant innovation and in strategic partnerships.

The factories are certified by norms of international standards and undergo external audits that vouch for the excellence of the products and operations. Furthermore, the company promotes social responsibility actions that benefit the communities around the factories in Brazil and England.

In order to manage with excellence, Moove adheres to the Integrated System of Operations Management (SIGO), which sets out guidelines for guaranteeing safe and faultless operations. The guidelines cover everything from the arrival of the base oils, through production, to the routines of quality, controls, storage and distribution. Responsible execution of this, focused on sustainable relationships, involves suppliers, clients, distributor partners and community.


  • Annual production capacity, taking into consideration the factories in Brazil and England, of more than 2 million barrels of lubricants and other chemicals.
  • Net income of R$ 1,9 billion/year (2016).
  • Approximately 600 employees, including the Brazilian and foreign teams.
  • Brands to be found in over 40 countries in Europe and Asia.
  • Second largest manufacturer of lubricants in the Brazilian market.
  • Activation of brands and products in 20 countries, sponsoring various racing drivers and motor sports teams.


Lubricant and greases provide protection for motor and machine parts by reducing the friction and wearing out that occurs between parts. They are essential products in the maintenance of vehicles, equipment and industries.

Lubricants are composed of base oils, which can be mineral or synthetic, and additives, which can be inhibitors, (against oxidation, rust and corrosion), antifoams, detergents and dispersers, etc. Basically, there are three types of lubricants:mineral (made with base oil that is 100% from fossil fuel), semi-synthetic (produced using mineral and synthetic oils) and synthetic (laboratory developed using high technology).

Mobil Brand

Licensed for Moovein Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain, the Mobil brand is recognized worldwide for its leadership in high performance industrial and automotive lubricants. The quality and superior technology of the products bring considerable benefit to the clients – such as greater efficiency, productivity and trustworthiness, under the directorship of a highly qualified technical team. If you would like to know more about Mobil products, Click here

Comma Brand

The Comma brand can be found in over 40 markets in Europe and Asia, and has a large portfolio of lubricant and automotive specialties catering for commercial and private vehicles. On account of its credibility, it also has a strong presence in European motor sports and in the daily lives of automotive lubricant professionals and specialists. If you would like to know more about Comma Click here.

Base Oils

Base oil is the main raw material of lubricant oils, and has a direct influence on the quality and performance of the finished product. As motors and machines undergo constant evolution, they demand more and more efficiency, and this pushes the demand for base oil advanced technology.

Moove is the authorized distributor in Brazil of base oils imported from the American company ExxonMobil (Groups I and II) and from the South Korean company S-Oil (Group III). The company consolidated a single portfolio and has become the biggest importer of base oils in the country, and it has at its strategic disposal installations located in the two largest Brazilian lubricant producing markets: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Distribution of base oils


Novvi is a joint venture between Moove and Amyris. It carries out research and development on renewable high performance base oils, focusing on the global lubricant market. Its raw material, sugarcane, contributes toward a cleaner environment and a more sustainable industry.

Zip lube

In the Brazilian market since 2013, Zip lube is a franchise of stores specializing in fast automotive services, such as oil change, filters, fluids and batteries. It has more than 40 units in operation and can be found São Paulo, Ceará, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul, and there is a plan for nation wide expansion. For further information about the network’s services or how to become a franchisee, click here.